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How we help

We work therapeutically to help you understand yourself and
  your relationships better.
Enabling you or your organisation to overcome obstacles to your growth and development and to
find your authentic voice, achieving your version of success.

Helping you to take the right steps towards meaningful change

What we do

We offer psychotherapeutic interventions and consultations across the age range and in a number of settings that can lead you to a better understanding of yourself, your organisation and your relationships. 

Our services are provided in person or on-line to individuals, couples and groups and include psychotherapy, supervision, specialised consultancy, training and reflective practice groups for organisations.



Alison Roy


I am a Consultant child & adolescent psychotherapist, psychotherapist, author, trainer and specialist consultant.


My understanding of the child within and the importance of our earliest relationships provides me with additional insights in my work with adults, couples and organisations. 

There are so many perspectives that present themselves when we dare to work on ourselves. Having an understanding of our journey or story is vitally important if we are to achieve our own version of success. 

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