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Consultation and Training

All of our consultants are trained to understand dynamic processes and how these present themselves in groups and for individuals and within organisational settings both in the public, corporate, community or independent sectors. We offer a number of different approaches to working with areas of complexity and difficulty within organisations and teams to bring about meaningful and positive change. 

As with individuals, organisations can become unwell or start to adopt dysfunctional patterns of relating and behaving. These, if unchecked can affect the emotional health of individuals working within the organisation but also influence the overall productivity and success of the organisation as a whole. 

We can therefore provide bespoke packages to organisations, their leaders and specific areas of the workforce which can take the form of training, specialist consultations, reflective practice groups, organisational change workshops and/or supervision, coaching or one-off consultations.


In order to understand the best approach for you or your organisation, we would arrange an initial consultation to gather more information about concerns, challenges and specific areas of difficulty. To book a consultation or to find out more please email us at:

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