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Psychotherapy and supervision


We have all had experiences that have affected how we see ourselves and manage our relationships. We have absorbed influences from our parents and their parents and grandparents but also from those around us and the environments we live in. Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to gain a much better understanding of all these influences, our responses to them and our behaviours including our dysfunctional patterns of relating to others. This can also be the case for organisations and institutions where communication breaks down and working together becomes more difficult.   

There are different kinds of psychotherapy but psychoanalytic psychotherapy with children, young people and adults focuses very much on relationships and how our early relationships continue to inform our attachments in the present. Bringing psychoanalytic ideas to the work environment can also enable individuals and therefore the organisation as whole to understand these areas of difficulty better and therefore make positive changes. 


Child & Adolescent Psychotherapists are trained to carefully observe what a child or young person might be communicating through their behaviour and play and their extensive training enables them to work with disturbing thoughts. The therapeutic relationships which develops over time can help them to make sense of their experiences. This is also the case for adults. Through building a trusting psychotherapeutic relationship they can find ways to show their feelings and put them into words. As a result they can begin to express emotions in less disturbed ways and address areas of difficulty or negative patterns of relating which can be hard to shift. 

If you are interested in psychotherapy for yourself or are referring a child or young person to be considered for psychotherapy, or you are a professional and would like to request a consultation, bespoke training or supervision, please email:

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